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Submitted by Kristie on 06/06/2021


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Aaron Withers will sound understanding, he will assure you he can do it, he will promise to show up on time, he will promise that he can get your furniture (that you paid for with your hard earned money) from A to B without any damages or marks. Please don’t be silly like me, don’t trust this man! He is a cowboy who will only burn you & ruin your furniture. All he had to do was carry all boxes from a bedroom (located at the front door) & my furniture which I had disassembled to a storage container (located 10 steps from front door). Only items of mine that remained unscathed was what I had packed in boxes & even they were very lucky as a few of them were crushed in the move as he’d packed heavy boxes on light boxes. I even gave him my freezer for his own family on top of what he had quoted/I paid & this is the thanks I got. He will reassure you & tell you everything you want to hear but please don’t be a fool like me, you will only end up, just another victim....

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This is really getting old I don't know how many times we have to tell you we can't give you insurance for two seperate companies carrying our goods in transit. Like I said before if you hired a removalist for the full process this wouldn't of happened so I hope you learn for future purposes, Kindest regards, Aaron.
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